The Wonderful Rhythm Of The Rain

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain so many times it makes you want to cry out in vain. The pitter patter beat cascading down synchronizes with the beat of a lonely heart. For Tom Jenkins, a quiet solitary man on the eve of his 65th birthday came a somber reflection of the one that got away. It was on a night much like this. A night black as pitch as the rain kept pouring down. Remembrance of that fateful night when the love of Tom’s life had gone away. The beat of Tom’s heart matched the rhythm of that nights falling rain as it is now. Fleeting memories flash through like a kaleidoscope montage of images when bittersweet moments have remained transfixed in conscious thought.

The world that Tom knew has grown cold, unrecognizable now. The pleasurable days when time seemed to stand still are just memories now pressed between the pages of his mind. For just a moment in time a love so sweet and dear made it seem like heaven was so ever near. But, just as swift as that moment arrived, in a blink of an eye the love of his life was taken away. The tears that flowed matched the rhythm of the rain. All that was left on that dark stormy night was a shattered heart and those rain drops of falling tears.

Now, Tom sits alone again in his easy chair a glass of fine scotch in his hand ready to toast on making it to the golf cart reality. A point in time he thought he’d never be. But, as Tom was about to take that first sip the memory of the one that got away brought another tear of sweet remembrance. Still clutching his glass what soon followed was the sorrow of knowing of a love so fleeting. On this particular night as storm clouds unleash the rain the memories of that one hot summer resurfaces with every rain drop that falls. It must be that rain drop falling from Tom’s eyes.

The rhythm of the rain matching the beat of that lonely heart when a love of a lifetime is now just a memory. If Tom only knew how to make time really stand still he would turn back the clock to that one hot summer day when the love of life time would never had gone away. Now as the pitter patter rhythm of the rain beats against the window pane Tom reminisces how the soft silky jet black hair with a smile so infectious the fever never subsides. But, just as the fever reached it peak that one hot summer turned into that stormy night. The rhythm of the rain got faster with each pelting drop never for a moment did the rhythm let up.

As the rhythm of the falling rain kept beat with Tom’s lonely heart visions of loves great passion ignited the flames of desire that laid dormant for far too long. Now, Tom rests easy in his reclining chair another glass of Scotch already in hand remembering the moment when two hearts beat as one. If time would have stood still for just a moment longer the love of his life would never had gone away. Hindsight no longer mattered as Tom’s lonely heart kept pace with the rhythm of the falling rain wishing it would go away for the only love that Tom cared about had gone away those many years ago.

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