How to Treat Premature Ejaculation

One of the most dreaded sexual dysfunctions for men is premature ejaculation (PE). It can not only affect the man’s confidence, but it can also have an adverse reaction on his relationship with his partner.

Many sex therapists and medical practitioners use several different definitions for premature ejaculation. They may often disagree as to what it actually is. But the general consensus on the problem is that it is a dysfunction that affects men regularly during certain parts of their lives. And once that dysfunction happens on a regular basis and starts to take its toll on relationships, it needs to be treated.

By general definition, premature ejaculation is simply ejaculating earlier than one would like to. It would most often occur just a few minutes into intercourse, often directly before penetration or shortly thereafter. And for most men, it feels like a condition that they have no control over. This is particularly true for younger men who are not as experienced in sexual intercourse.

For older men, the ejaculations are more easily controlled, but later in their lives they may suffer from premature ejaculations as the advances of age take their toll.

Thankfully, this dysfunction can usually be treated successfully. The problem is that many men don’t like to talk about it or they don’t realize that they have this problem. They are afraid of being made fun of. One of the first steps to treating this problem is to admit that it exists and that help is necessary. Then medical help should be sought so that the dysfunction can be classified and treated properly.

Some studies show that the condition is something that is learned and not the result of the body’s natural processes. It can originate in young men who are afraid of being caught “with their pants down”, so to speak, and who hurry through intercourse to avoid being seen. This can make them ejaculate earlier than they should, and it can cause premature ejaculations to develop into a condition over time.

When PW is conditioned into the body, then the general assumption is that it can also be unconditioned as well. This is what most programs that treat premature ejaculation are trying to do. And the programs are usually effective in their goal, particularly when they are overseen and conducted by experienced sex therapists.

But many men find that the sessions feel overly long, and they are uncomfortable revealing their sexual problems to strangers. If the discomfort becomes too much for them, some men will choose to try other means of treating their PE difficulties. One of those methods is to use various sex pills.

Now this is a tried and true method that men have been using for quite some time. The benefit to using pills like these is that they can speed the process along and offer a quick solution to the problem. And many doctors recommend these pills to men who struggle with PE. They know from observation how effective these pills can be.

The power behind hose pills comes from the ingredients they contain. The chemical makeup of these pills is similar to that of anti-depressants. They often have very similar functions that require they have some of the same ingredients. The more popular brands are SSRI’s also known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.

While SSRI’s are mostly used to deal with depression, they are also quite effective at treating premature ejaculation. But this has been found to be a side effect of the drug more than its actual function. Still, many doctors have started prescribing the SSRI’s to men who suffer from PE.

Some sex pills consist only of herbal and natural ingredients. These enhancers have the benefit of producing no harmful side effects, which sets them apart from the chemical-filled counterparts that many doctors prescribe.

These herbal-based drugs are gaining popularity, and an increasing number of people are realizing their benefits. They are often pleased by the advantages of all-natural products that won’t cause them to suffer from any side effects. And now even medical doctors, once hesitant to use herbs to treat medical problems, have begun recommending these herbal sex pills to their patients. They are starting to realize just how valuable and effective these products can be.

A number of these herbal-based products are available now to consumers, and they are filling a void in a fairly new market. At the front of the pack is VigRX, an enhancement pill consisting entirely of natural ingredients. It uses a variety of plant extracts that are known for their sexual potency to help treat many sexual dysfunctions, including premature ejaculation.

VigRX Plus includes the extracts from the Cuscuta seed and Ginkgo Biloba. These combine with other potent ingredients to create a sex pill that is like nothing else on the market. Cuscuta seed is excellent for treating premature ejaculation, and Ginkgo Biloba can improve vascular blood flow that assists in creating better erections.

VigRX is just one of many all natural drugs designed for sexual enhancement. It is known to be the safest and most effective of those available, and men interested in finding out more about it should head to to see if it is right for them

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