How Much Does Penis Size Matter?

The truth revealed…

There has been a debate for some time over whether penis size really makes a difference. And that is because the answer to the question is that it varies depending on who you are asking.

Many women will answer that it does matter. They might not be so quick to speak if they have a partner with a small penis, but you can be sure they are confessing the truth to their girlfriends.

And many men will say that size matters as well. Nobody wants to be the guy that feels they have to hide something the locker room or feel like they are disappointing their woman.

That brings us to the real question: What size is big enough?

Average Size

The majority of men have a penis size ranging between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. Around three quarters of all men are in this range.

There are those, of course, who are much larger. But if you do have a monster penis, don’t congratulate yourself just yet. You should understand that if that is the case, then you need to be gentle with your woman.

But the majority of people who fall outside the average range are on the smaller side. They may be unhappy with the size of their penis. When polled, women confessed that they prefer a penis that is between seven and eight inches long.

And many women stated that girth was an important factor as well. Many times, the girth is even more important than the length. Most of the women polled said that an ideal penis would be about six inches around.

The question on your mind may be: What do you do if you don’t measure up?

Do you just have to live with your shortcomings for the rest of your life?

Increasing the Size of Your Penis

Maybe you go to the gym and try to eat healthy. These are admirable activities, as many people are concerned about their health and their physique. These are accomplishments you can take a lot of pride in.

So should we feel any differently about trying to enlarge our penis?

We really shouldn’t, as having a penis that is larger can give a man a lot of confidence, make him more attractive, improve virility and help his bedroom performance. That is a benefit both you and her can enjoy.

Now your lady will love you for who you are, but size really does matter, and it can have an effect on the relationship.

You should not be ashamed of wanting a penis that is bigger. Reaching that goal is something that has ever been easier, and you can do it as discretely as you like.

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