Vigrx Plus Alert! Clearly The Worlds Best Male Enhancement Pill?? Thu, 22 Jun 2017 18:07:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 91115030 AM Sex Tips: Making the Most of Morning Wood Mon, 15 Aug 2016 16:17:09 +0000 When a man is ready to rise and shine, he usually isn’t the only one who’s up and at ’em. “Morning wood,” or an erection that is present when one awakens, is a very common occurrence and is a sign of good penis health. Experts know that morning is, for many men, the time when they are biologically most ready for sex, so indulging that morning erection makes sense. Of course, sometimes a man needs to take a few steps to prepare for a.m. activities. The sex tips below can help make morning sex both more likely and more enjoyable.

Allow enough time. On weekends, it’s usually easy to accommodate wake-up sex, but weekdays can be more challenging. Therefore, it’s wise to wake up early enough to make sure there’s time for some relaxed coupling. How much time? That depends on the couple. Many enjoy a “quickie” and may find five minutes sufficient; others may want 30 or 40 minutes (or more) in order to properly enjoy some foreplay, a relaxed penetrative period and some post-coupling together time.

Watch the breath. Probably the biggest negative associated with having sex just after awakening is that dreaded morning breath. Couples should definitely have a plan for conquering this obstacle. Many people need to urinate upon first awakening, so they can quickly brush their teeth at the same time. But for those who wake up and want to get right down to business, keeping some breath mints or mouthwash and a “spit cup” on the nightstand is a must.

Be clean. Since there’s likely no time for a shower before beginning the morning festivities, men should take a shower the night before. Those men whose bodies tend to attract odor easily should keep some deodorant and/or cologne nearby for a quick application upon waking. Many women find a guy’s “bed head” – that messy I-just-woke-up look – sexy, but if it goes from messy to rat’s nest-y, run a brush through it a couple of times.

Warm her up. Guys may wake up with an erection that is raring to go, but that doesn’t mean their lady friend is in quite as advanced a state of receptivity. It often helps to take the time to gently awaken the special woman, perhaps by whispering arousing sentiments into her ear while putting one’s arms around her for a warm hug.

Make the most of foreplay. Unless a quickie is on the menu, start by sensually removing her nightclothes and any undergarments she may be wearing. Take time doing this and be sure to express appreciation for the body that lies underneath these clothes. Spend time exploring all of her erogenous zones, and don’t be limited to using hands. A man should let his mouth, his feet, his legs and his penis caress his partner’s body as he seeks to stoke her sexual fires.

Know one’s (time) limit. Sex before work can put a big smile on the faces of both partners. But if there’s concern about taking too long and being late to work, it can make one or both partners too anxious to really enjoy the sex. If this is potentially the case, the couple needs to enter into it with the agreement that, as much as they might like to stay in bed for hours, they will stop at a certain time – even if one or both partners has not climaxed yet. After all, the goal of good sex is to enjoy the experience and the closeness resulting, not to focus solely on the orgasm.

4 Myths About Reduced Penis Sensitivity Sat, 25 Jun 2016 13:44:00 +0000 Male organ sensitivity is a tricky subject. While sensitivity is all relative, a general measure all men can usually agree on is ease of release. Most men have little difficulty getting off, but a number of factors, ranging from manual stimulation frequency to biological issues can cause reductions in male organ sensitivity.

This aspect of male organ health is closely bound to men’s physical fulfillment. A decreased ability to complete the act is obviously a detriment to a fulfilling romantic life. Male organ sensitivity is hardly the only factor that can cause men to become unable to achieve male emission (psychological factors could also be at play), but it’s definitely worth thinking about.

If a man thinks he might have decreased male organ sensitivity, he’s probably considering all the reasons why this could be. Here are a few myths surrounding the subject and some clear-cut advice for increasing sensation.

Myth 1: Surgical ablation Drastically Reduces Sensitivity

Many men are lead to believe that surgical ablation, the practice of cutting back the sheath of the male organ, leads to a dramatic reduction in sensitivity throughout life. Thankfully for the many, many cut men — 64.9 percent of men born in 1981 were cut, a number that has remained relatively high for men of millennial age and above — this idea seems to have been a little overblown.

According to an article written for Broadly, most of the hubbub surrounding this idea comes from a 2007 study in which researchers applied a light touch to the heads of both cut and intact male organs. Because the intact men felt less pressure, the researchers concluded that sensitivity was directly impacted by surgical ablation.

However, a more recent study found that this particular metric wasn’t actually a good predictor of male organ sensitivity, and that the rates of sensual feeling were actually quite similar in both cut and intact men.

“We measured heat detection and heat pain by attaching a thermode to the male organ,” lead researcher Jennifer Bossio told Broadly. “Men would indicate either when they would feel a change in temperature or when it hurt. The nerve fibers in the male organ that are activated by temperature and pain are more relevant in proper function-or the feel of an intimate touch-than the light touch that past researchers had done. Even though [the sheath] is more sensitive to light touch, I suspect that isn’t implicated in sensual pleasure. I think that’s the take-home message of this study.”

Myth 2: Inability to Achieve Emission is Purely Psychological

In fact, experts note that many men suffer from reduced sensitivity on a purely physical level. In some men, the frustration can even lead to male dysfunction (ED) and the inability to achieve emission. This can make a fulfilling intimate life particularly difficult to come by, and it can be even more disheartening to deal with if a couple is trying to get pregnant.

Myth 3: Self-pleasuring is Completely Harmless

While there’s no harm in going solo in moderation, over-stimulation can perpetuate the problem of reduced sensitivity. There are a few ways that manual play can make the problem worse. For instance, getting off while watching adult materials has been linked to viewing one’s real-life partner as less attractive than is ideal, making it harder to become excited in actual encounters. Additionally, solo stimulation of the male organ beyond the level at which it is stimulated during natural intimacy can make it hard to complete the act when with a partner (a problem that is sometimes referred to as “death grip syndrome”).

In an article for Vice, Ed Smith wrote about his experience giving up manual stimulation for 21 days.

“… holding it in… could increase your anticipation of actually having relations,” Professor Jim Pfaus of Montreal’s Concordia University told Smith. “Learning how to maintain tumescence and hold off emission makes the experience more intensely pleasurable.”

Myth 4: There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

For those dealing with male organ sensitivity issues, there are small changes they can make that may help. Male recommends eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and performing Kegel exercises (they’re not just for women!) on a regular basis.

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Sexual Pleasuring Techniques a Man May Enjoy Thu, 02 Jun 2016 11:16:49 +0000

A woman who lies fairly inert during sexual pleasuring communicates a lack of cooperation and causes a man to feel sexually unappreciated. Both social and sexual interaction rely on the active interest of the participants. In women’s eyes men can seem impossible to please. But men wonder why women do not provide them with the sexual interaction they hope for. Men’s erotic fantasies involve exploring sex play in which a woman takes an active sexual interest by responding when her lover stimulates her.

A woman can stimulate a man by licking and sucking gently on his nipples. Have your lover enter your vagina from behind (as he squats on his knees) and tell him to keep his hips still. In this position you can gyrate your hips to stimulate his penis. See if you can make him come just through your own movement! Tightening your pelvic muscles rhythmically also helps.

The facts of male sexuality are evident from observing the real world but they are also supported by research findings. Frequencies of sexual activity vary but the vast majority of men (92%) orgasm quickly and easily through masturbation as well as through intercourse (100% with their wives). Research focuses more on attitudes towards sexual pleasuring (such as women’s willingness to provide fellatio) rather than on whether men achieve orgasm (which is perhaps assumed given men’s responsiveness!).

If your man loses his erection have him lie on top of you. Feel around his penis and testicles. Once his penis hardens slightly, hold it firmly in your hand and use a gentle pumping action to increase his erection. Once erect, guide his penis into your vagina. Move your hips to help stimulate his penis. If he moves his weight onto his arms you can keep moving your hips or alternate with tightening your pelvic muscles to give him more sensation. Reach down and feel around the base of his penis and his testicles. Admire his hardness and hold his buttocks firmly to pull him deeper inside.

For a little variety, plan the occasional session in front of the TV. Using porn movies to supplement sex adds a little spice for both lovers. A man also enjoys a woman who uses language that is sexually explicit. Exaggerate if necessary as you describe the things you would like him to do to you!

Offer fellatio whenever you can. I like to offer in the bath or at the start of a sex session. Likewise stimulation of the male G-spot works best in the bath. You need to lubricate a finger and probe gently into his anus. Make sure you ask him for directions. This is an excellent lesson in appreciating how difficult it is to give and respond to feedback when penetrating a lover.

What Is VigRx Plus? Thu, 21 Jan 2016 17:57:19 +0000 Albion Medical showed unprecedented moxy when they asked their chemists to make a formula to tackle all aspects of male sexual dysfunction. This challenging request resulted in the highly effective VigRX Plus male enhancement formula.

Men confront a variety of sexual problems, including impotence, premature ejaculation, low sex drive, and lack of stamina. Trying to suss out solutions to all these problems is tiresome.

Many products address one specific aspect of male sexual function, but never before has medical science created a product to help with all the major sexual dysfunctions men face. VigRX Plus has been proclaimed a revolutionary product for good reason. It is the first product to successfully treat all the sexual dysfunctions that plague men through a 100% natural health supplement.

So Does It Work?

Follow-ups to the clinical studies revealed stunning information about the startling effect on the sexual enjoyment experienced by women whose partner used VigRX Plus for at least three months:

  • More than two-thirds of females report 3 or more orgasms with VigRX Plus
  • 85% report their sexual satisfaction is higher
  • 92% say their partner lasts longer during sex
  • 95% admit being turned on by his larger erection
  • 83% are happier with their relationship

Another surprise benefit of VigRX Plus was that the men who took part in the clinical trials reported a dramatic leap in their level of confidence. Most men were really chuffed by their new sexual confidence. This not only enhanced their sexual functioning, but also resulted in an increase in sexual opportunity.

VigRX Plus offers many advantages to your sex life, and to hers, so don’t waste your time on dangerous products like the blue pill or ineffective products that either don’t work or only solve one issue, don’t get whacked out trying to suss out solutions to all these problems.

If your sex life is becoming stodgy, try the VigRX Plus male enhancement formula. You will be gobsmacked by the benefits to your sex life. You’ll feel like a nipper again with hard, strong boners when you want them.

Vigrx Plus Scam – Don’t Even Think About Trying It Out Without Reading This! Wed, 06 Jan 2016 14:52:49 +0000 When you plan on buying a new product like VigRX Plus, the first thing you like to do is read up some reviews about it so that you know what you are spending your hard earned money on. But there aren’t too many reviews or VigRX Plus scam available online which make it difficult for you to decide what is right and what is not. I am sure my uncensored review of VigRX Plus will help you make a wise decision.

“Hi, my name is Jesseeand I have been using the product for the last 3 months. I read up about it on the website and though I was skeptical to buy it, I thought of giving it a try. I will only be giving you a genuine review about the product but if you want the pricing and order details, you could visit their website for all the details.

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My review will definitely help you since there aren’t too many pages where you will be able to find enough information. But remember, I will be elaborating on the good as well as the bad points of the pills, so if that’s not what you are looking, you may leave.

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is an effective solution for male penis enhancement. All those men who have not been able to enjoy their sexual intercourse and want to be better in bed, VigRX Plus pills are just perfect for you. It is a clinically proven and doctor approved formula.

What’s inside VigRX plus?

VigRX Plus is made using 100% natural ingredients. This does not leave any chance for harmful side effects. The addition of three new ingredients namely Damiana, Tribulus and Bioperine have made the formula even more powerful.

Who will benefit from VigRX plus?

Pills are the most effective solutions for penis enlargement. A small sized penis does not allow men to give women the amount of excitement they desire. Also, the lack of volume of libido in a man’s system does not let him enjoy sex for longer durations. Another factor affecting sexual activities is the less flow of blood to the penile region. All men suffering from the mentioned problems should purchase VigRX plus as it will benefit them.

The Good:

1.    You can last longer with bigger and harder erections
2.    You will have increased sexual stamina
3.    You will have more powerful, intense orgasms
4.    Helps in preventing premature ejaculation

The Bad:

Since all the ingredients used in the pills are natural and herbal, there are no such side effects associated with them. The results for each person may vary and some may experience headache, tiredness and bellyache. But doctors recommend the product since it uses herbal and naturopathic healing.

The Bottom Line:

For all those men who want to last longer in bed, it is a good idea to try VigRX plus. The company also gives you a 67 day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the product, you may send the empty bottle back and not pay a single penny. There are no VigRX scam reported to date.

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Fighting Dry Penis Skin During the Winter Sat, 05 Dec 2015 12:12:04 +0000 Keeping the skin healthy during winter weather can be a challenge all over the body, and some men find themselves with dry male penis skin during the cold season – not an attractive feature for a man to display, especially when introducing his manhood to a new partner. Every guy wants his member to look its most impressive, no matter what the season. Making dry penis skin care a component of his regular penis health routine is advisable, especially during the frigid winter months when a man really enjoys getting his penis warmed up.

Winter factors

Why does the skin tend to get dry during winter? Largely because the air itself is dryer and saps some of the moisture out of the skin. Frigid winds also exacerbate this situation. Exposed skin is clearly more at risk here, but some winter winds break right through fabric and affect the “protected” areas as well.

Tips regarding dry penis skin

There are several things a man needs to do to prevent or treat dry penis skin. Some of these are specific to the penis itself while others are more general and help protect skin all over the body.

Some tips that a man should follow during the winter include:

– Don’t go commando. Many men enjoy an “unfurnished basement,” meaning that they tend to forego wearing underwear. The free swinging movement can be a relief, but in winter especially it can create skin issues. The penis is left more vulnerable to cold and winds without an extra layer of protection; in addition, rubbing up against rougher fabrics like denim or wool can cause more irritation to the skin, adding discomfort to dryness.

– Drink up – if it’s water. Staying properly hydrated is key for good skin health, including the skin of the penis. The body needs plenty of water for many reasons, including skin health; 6-8 glasses is recommended for most adults. A man knows he has consumed sufficient water if his urine is consistently a pale yellow. Plain water is the best fluid option; some juices are fine, especially non-cloudy ones, but alcoholic and caffeinated beverages can have a dehydrating effect and so should be avoided.

– Watch the sugars. Sugary foods and drinks tend to have a negative effect on skin health, so consume these in moderation. Excess sugar also can accumulate in the urine and stray drops drying near the head of the penis can irritate the skin.

– Avoid hot showers. When the winter is raging outside, a long, hot shower feels great. Unfortunately, hot water depletes the skin of the oils it needs to keep moist. A warm shower is fine, but when the heat factor goes up, so does the dry penis skin factor.

– Use lubricant. Sex, whether partner-based or solo, is generally more enjoyable when there is sufficient lubrication. Often a couple finds their natural lubrication is sufficient; however, if it is not, the friction resulting from an especially enjoyable sexual interlude can compound member skin issues. Adding a few drops can be a fine preventive measure to keep the manhood healthy.

Red Penis Prevention: Avoiding Balanoposthitis Mon, 02 Nov 2015 11:43:26 +0000 A red penis can be a funny thing: when it resembles a healthy red glow, it indicates a member that is in a high-functioning state. However, when the redness is more like an inflammation, it may very well be a sign of a penis health issue. For men who are intact, that redness may be a symptom of balanoposthitis and good penis care requires that attention be paid to this possibility.

What is balanoposthitis?

Many men have heard of balanitis. This is an inflammation of the glans, or head, of the penis. Fewer men are familiar with posthitis. This is a condition only found in intact men, in which the foreskin is inflamed. It is not uncommon for balanitis and posthitis to occur at the same time; when this happens, the condition is referred to by the join term balanoposthitis.

What are its symptoms?

Although inflammation is often mentioned when discussing balanoposthitis, there can be more signs of the condition than just a red penis. Among the other common symptoms associated with balanoposthitis are:

– Soreness and tenderness in the area, especially when touched. This can often interfere significantly with a man’s sex life.

– Subpreputial discharge, which is a wetness, often thick and sometimes odorous, which is found underneath the foreskin.

– Phimosis. This is a tightness of the foreskin such that retraction is painful and/or difficult.

– Open sores in the area.

– Lower back pain.

– Tiredness.

– Rashes on the foreskin and/or glans.


There can be any number of causes of balanoposthitis, both infectious and non-infectious. Some of the causes can be serious. For example, it’s one of the side effects of STIs like chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. Herpes simplex and lichen planus, an abnormal immune system response, are also possible culprits. However, most doctors report that balanoposthitis is more commonly the result of dermatological issues, such as inadequate hygiene, contact dermatitis or psoriasis. Candidiasis, or thrush, is also a common cause of balanoposthitis. Thrush is a yeast infection which is often accompanied by serious itching and rashes.

Prevention and treatment

Balanoposthitis can cause significant discomfort, especially when it presents with phimosis. Because of this, taking steps to treat or prevent it is recommended.

Treatment depends on the root cause of the balanoposthitis. For example, when an STI is involved, that condition will need to be addressed immediately. Antibiotics, antifungals and steroid creams may be recommended by a doctor in some cases.

One of the most effective ways to prevent this condition is to practice good hygiene. This includes washing the penis regularly, using a mild cleanser that does not irritate the skin or contain harsh chemicals and/or fragrances. It’s important for intact men to wash under the foreskin as well as on top and to gently dry the entire area. Washing soon after engaging in sexual activity is also a good idea.

Other preventive measures include always using a condom when engaging in partner-based sex and discussing sexual histories with partners.

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The Happy Penis in Autumn: Sex Tips for the Fall Mon, 12 Oct 2015 11:37:12 +0000 For most men, sex tips are not seasonal; a man wants a happy penis at all times of the year. And while it’s true that there are many rules for appropriate penis care that apply to any month, some specific tips may come in especially handy during the fall months.

With that in mind, the following are a few autumn-related sex tips to consider as the weather cools.

Watch out for colds.

The changeover from summer to autumn is often very quick, and the sudden change from hot to cold can bring about seasonal colds in many men. The common cold is hardly-life threatening and it only has a mild effect on one’s libido and bed-based ability. However, the sniffles and runniness that accompany many colds can be very off-putting to potential bedmates. Stocking up on vitamin C and taking other preventive measures can help to ensure that a little cold doesn’t leave a guy out in the cold.

Outdoor fun may have a different drawback.

Guys who enjoy engaging in sex outdoors often find that early autumn is actually a more preferable time than the summer. Summer outside escapades are often dampened by excessive heat and humidity; autumn air that is crisp and only slightly cool may make both partners feel a bit friskier. (Hopefully, they will still limit their activities to someplace safe, like their own backyard.) However, the nicer weather is also often accompanied by an increase in allergens in the air. These can create respiratory issues; if they come in direct contact with a naked penis, they may also cause itchiness, rashes or other allergic reactions in men with sensitive skin.

Take advantage of testosterone.

Several studies have found that, for whatever reason, testosterone levels tend to rise in the fall. That means a man is likely to feel randier than ever during the autumn months. Guys in position to share this increased libido with willing partners should do so; those not in such a position, remember that one’s hand can sometimes be one’s best friend.

Be aware of fertility.

By the same token, fertility rates are at their highest during November and December. For men hoping to conceive a child, that’s good news. For those not in the market for offspring, it’s a reminder to be even more cautious.

Dry air can equal dry skin.

With summer behind a guy, the days of heavy sweating are pretty much gone. Autumn air tends to be crisper and dryer – but that can have an impact on skin moisture. This can lead to penis chafing in some cases. The penis skin dries out and, as it rubs against the fabric of underwear and/or trousers, the dryness causes the skin to become further irritated.

The Porn Erectile Dysfunction Switch Tue, 29 Sep 2015 15:02:42 +0000

There is a lot of non-sense advice handed out with regard to porn ED.

Stop watching porn, see a sex councilor, stop masturbating – all completely wrong.

For a start the vast majority of men will sooner swallow a razor blade than visit a sex councilor. Masturbating to porn is very habit forming and although they might be able to cut back slightly they are never going to stop completely while their sex lives are not giving them satisfaction.

This sort of advice is going to hold things up or discourage the sufferer completely.

Any form of Erectile Dysfunction can be very damaging to a relationship, so the sooner it is sorted out the better. I wonder how many failed relationships these so called experts are responsible for!

The under lying feeling behind this advice is that porn is dirty so no wonder it’s affecting your “normal” sex life – complete bunkum.

Porn can be a useful tool to liven things up in the bedroom with your partner if used correctly.

In fact when porn is being used it is a sign that things are stale in the bedroom.

If possible, the ideal solution is for both of you to watch it at the same time.

This will give both of you a boost as long as you both feel comfortable with it.

The problem is that some women will take it as an insult. They feel that they should be enough.

Some women have an old fashion idea that because of love, just turning up is enough for their partners to perform.

Unfortunately life isn’t like that and sex can become a bit of a drudge without some adventure.

The other complication is that even if you both like porn, you may not want to watch the same things.

So you have to talk to each other and take turns.

Maybe when your partner is watching something that turns her on but doesn’t do a lot for you, you can busy yourself on some of her sensitive areas and enjoy her enjoyment.

When porn is an absolute no for your partner, there are other things you can do.

When you’re masturbating to porn, don’t climax! Leave it for your partner. This will get you into such a state you will probably ravage your partner later on.

When you’re having sex with your partner think of some of your favorite sequences from the porn films.

For all you know, she is fantasizing too! Also be sure to check out VigRx Plus!

What Is a Suitable Treatment for Premature Ejaculation? Tue, 28 Jul 2015 00:13:53 +0000

When it comes to premature ejaculation, the remedies are endless. You’re exposed to solutions through television, internet advertising, and they are also easily accessible in your local supermarket or drug store. Because of the amount of remedies available, it is overwhelming and expensive if you don’t know what to look for. Let me tell you what premature ejaculation actually is so that you can determine for yourself whether you are suffering from premature ejaculation.

You could be suffering from premature ejaculation if:

1.) You experience an orgasm within two minutes of penetration.

2.) You are incapable of fulfilling your partner sexually more than 50% of the time.

3.) Your level of sexual endurance is causing a strain on your relationship.

If you can relate to these symptoms, then you are suffering form premature ejaculation. There is no reason for you to be ashamed or embarrassed because this is not a disorder! You are among the 40% of men who suffer from premature ejaculation. You’ve taken the first step to solving this problem. The quicker you react, the faster you will be able enjoy longer lasting sex with your partner.

What is considered as a good PE treatment?

When your filtering through all the treatments available, look for these two criteria during your search.

1.) Make sure the product offers a permanent cure instead of just a temporary solution.

2.) You should also make sure that the treatment is natural and increases your sexual stamina by working off of your body’s natural responses.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, lets talk about the different types of premature ejaculation treatment.

Here are the most common forms of treatment.

1.) Antidepressants- Are they really worth the time and money? The good news is that these drugs are effective, but unfortunately they are accompanied by dangerous side effects. Think about every time you see a commercial on Prozac, Paxil, or any other prescription drug advertised on television. At the end of the commercial, there’s a long list of side effects. These side effects are often worse than the illnesses you’re trying to cure in the first place. They might as well ask you from the beginning… “death or heartburn?”

2.) Creams, lotions and sprays- These remedies are probably the most popular among men who suffer from premature ejaculation. They work well, but these treatments are only temporary solutions. They are not capable of preventing premature ejaculation permanently. They work best when your in a hurry and need a solution right away. The problem with these creams and sprays are their ability to decrease the sensations you and your partner experience. They also create a sense of dependency which can end up costing you more money than necessary.

3.) Naturally re-training your self- This is a form of treatment that permanently treats your premature ejaculation by addressing the root causes of the problem. This form of treatment is based on of a proven, time-tested training routine that allows you to withstand sexual stimulation and last longer in bed.