Damiana Benefits and More

Damiana is a herbal medicine used to cure various ailments. It is mostly used as an aphrodisiac. It is used to cure erection problems in men. This herbal medicine has been regarded as safe for use by the Food and Drug Administration. However there are damiana side effects which you need to know before you start using the drug. They are not common and you can avoid them if you follow the right steps of using damiana.

Here are some of the most known damiana side effects.

Damiana is gentle to your stomach when used in small amounts. If you exceed the recommended dosage of damiana you can have nausea and also vomiting. If you do not stop using too much damiana you may end up with liver toxicity which could be dangerous for your health. Overdose of damiana can also cause convulsions.

– Damiana can also cause diarrhea. This happens when you use too much of it. Taking damiana in the correct amounts helps to relieve constipation. It relaxes your intestines muscles and makes them strong.

– Damiana gives your body calcium and zinc. This can make iron absorption from your food a bit difficult. You should use iron supplements or foods rich in iron different times with damiana. Taking them together will make your iron intake futile. This can lead to anemia and infertility.

– Some people smoke damiana to get high. This interferes with the functioning of their lungs. Oxygen is not circulated in the blood properly and this can also irritate your lungs. You may also have a headache because oxygen will not circulate properly in your body. However, damiana is not addictive.

– Damiana can lower the level of blood sugar. If you are diabetic, you must watch your blood glucose levels carefully. Make sure that you talk to your doctor before you start using damiana.

– Use of damiana can also lead to insomnia. You may not relax properly and this can make you stressed.

You should see your doctor if you see any of this signs. Some of these damiana side effects may lead to complications. The doctor can also check if the problems are as a result of using damiana or any other health problem. This ensures that you get treatment on time. Always watch out for something unusual and report to your doctor. This will help you enjoy the benefits of damiana without any health problems.

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